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(Part 2),Re: Change registered email ,Re: Website performance - speed testing,Re: Test Ticket by tattle team, Please ignore,Re: HLS Output Is not an option,Re: Resources,Re: FTP error,Re: API integration Queries,Re: Subscription Fee,Re: Data Migration,Re: Muvi doesn't accept the payment,Re: SMS Provider - SMS integration,Re: Change de orientation and size of tille,Re: Add a filter zone in the web site,Re: PPV,Re: Analytics by user,Re: tesssting checkbox,Re: testing,Re: testing aa,Re: testing muvi ticket,Re: testing muvi loader,Re: Setup Subscriptions,Re: test 1,Re: test 2,Re: test 3,Re: test 4,Re: Bank Account Integreation,Re: How do we pay for infra?,Re: Problem with video,Re: Question Viewers ,Re: problem to my account . ,Re: google analitycs,Re: Publish the App & Enable mobile phone registration,Re: Unable to update app banners ,Re: How to edit "contact us" dropdown menu,Re: information,Re: PayPal ,Re: Editing,Re: MON CASH,Re: UI: Header Overlapping Issue on FAQ Page,Re: UI: Header Overlap and Unnecessary Email Display on Contact-Us Page,Re: UI: Layout Issues with Social Share Button and Copy Link Icon,Re: UI: Issue with Episode Thumbnails Selection Box Layout on Mobile,Re: UI: Text Overflow in Cast Section on Mobile,Re: Layout Issues on Cast Details Page for Mobile and Desktop,Re: Incorrect Link Redirects from 'Watch' and 'Watch All' Buttons on Series Pages,Re: Downloading Videos,Re: Resolution not displaying,Re: Website is slow,Re: Delay on live stream when logging in,Re: Coupon functionality,Re: Customised emails in marketing function,Re: Trying to figure out how long it is going to take for the pay pal to start working,Re: User details extra column,Re: 23x faster,Re: No one to explain ,Re: New IOS App- Payment page,Re: NEw IOS App - Lag in playing the app videos,Re: New IOS app - Thumbnails are being cut and not being shown properly,Re: Content Partner Portal,Re: Loading time and thumbnails,Re: Copy and paste,Re: New IOS App - Sub- Categories are not visible,Re: Phone call meeting,Re: Cannot edit banner text,Re: Please change all crew / actor mentions on the site to expert,Re: Add more explainer text,Re: Rounded corners for images,Re: Mobile view not great,Re: homepage banner px size,Re: Change phoenix colour,Re: Change actor to expert,Re: I can't pay bandwidth,Re: Put banner text on 2 lines,Re: Contact form,Re: Email Id Change,Re: Add s to Topic,Re: Change child to topic,Re: Please add s to topics here as well,Re: Assets library,Re: Visual Designer,Re: S3 Bucket,Re: Analytics,Re: CMS: multiple users,Re: AAAA record,Re: cant connect to obs,Re: Activation for monetisation,Re: Default view toggle,Re: Play all redirect,Re: Error on a subscription for an User,Re: feature request,Re: Manually Created Content Groups don't allow Primary Media,Re: Video title & content,Re: Space needed ...ReadMore,Re: Issue With Account,Re: Thumbnails on mobile view,Re: Block addon download for non subscribed users,Re: UI Changes,Re: Please add T&C in my android app,Re: Featured videos ,Re: Content Partner Cannot Upload Video Files only Audio,Re: cant add or edit page link from menu,Re: Footer links moving around on page,Re: Mobile View - About Us and Shop Pages,Re: Banner adjustment - About Us and Shop pages,Re: User list,Re: Website loading speed,Re: Payment option is still not functioning,Re: Long loading times,Re: Remove "All Content" Section on website,Re: Test Ticket by tattle team, Please ignore,Re: IOS splash screen is cut off ,Re: Add watermark on the player,Re: Download Files,Re: Is it possible to be Live on Several platforms at once? ,Re: Resolution,Re: Pay as you go Subscription,Re: Quiz not adding to course ,Re: Very Large Upload,Re: Testing,Re: Testing,Re: Testing,Re: Website background colour,Re: Testing ticket by muvi team,Re: Emails Nots Whitelabeled,Re: How to make video live on front-end,Re: player logo,Re: Test ticket with note,Re: Cookie banner policy,Re: Joel Almeida - CBLTV,Re: Please insert code for cookie banner for website,Re: Mobile OTP,Re: Sign up page adjustments,Re: My Account has been Blocked,Re: Non functional platform and app - Refund required ,Re: Adding Sections in Between Featured sections,Re: Custom Requirment: Zopim integration in website , android and iOS app,Re: Chilling app: Migration request (Paid Customization),Re: Chilling app : Payment gateway integration request (Paid Customization),Re: Custom offer,Re: We need to have users create POSTS and comment on posts in the website,Re: Complaints from Customers About Videos Loading,Re: Upload of video taking a long time,Re: Security issue,Re: Shortcode Backend check for Dambe,Re: recurring charges from the platform.,Re: Need extra hours for development.,Re: Searching box,Re: Missing Buttob,Re: Missing Button in Visual Designer,Re: Lack of Drop Down Option in Navigation Menu,Re: Dynamic Scaling for Web, Mobile and TV,Re: Top Banner Text is not getting aligned,Re: Resizable Content Posters,Re: Android APP Status,Re: Option to Show Release Time on Shows and Movies,Re: Uploading does not add the video, and the video does not play after uploading, and the formula has been verified as correct,Re: Not Able to Map Content to Sub Categories,Re: Search buttom on home page,Re: Migrated Users unable to login on irokotv App.,Re: Push Notification,Re: Please hardcode NG country code (+234) on the App,Re: Manage Translation excel sample file format error,Re: Paypal Payment Gateway Unable on Android app,Re: PayPal Payment not going checkout payment screen,Re: Videos from FTP server are not synching to Muvi Library,Re: DNS Records Propagation,Re: Need assistance arranging boxes on website to allow android app to view menu,Re: Cannot upload photo 252x300 px to Add Person to People Library,Re: Encoding in Progress for a video in my content library has been running for two plus hours!,Re: Contact page,Re: Very important,Re: Unable to upload anything,Re: Banner redirection setup in Android app,Re: How to create a cutomized Notification in app, or email?,Re: changing templates won't change the layout,Re: Test ticket by team,Re: Test team,Re: Geospecific web page,Re: Anchor Shop button in header,Re: Editing issues,Re: Video player not appearing,Re: SSL Cert for New Domain,Re: iOS App Active Users - Unable to Stream Movies,Re: Original template still appears,Re: New website,Re: The password reset link was not received,Re: Free trial period,Re: Website is showing Error,Re: Notification centre,Re: Top banner - Text Alignment ,Re: Subheadings dark blue,Re: Requirement for resolution toggle ,Re: Casting to TV on iOS,Re: Not able to rename the page title,Re: Need a text box below the title,Re: Remove plans from CMS,Re: Upload iOS app pricing,Re: Descriptions pull in too many/incorrect places,Re: Posting images to social media,Re: App banners need to link to a website,Re: Blank editor,Re: App rejetcted on playstore,Re: Monthly Subscription Fee via Stripe,Re: Rabboni TV App compliance with Google Play Store.,Re: Re-upload the Dambe app on the play store,Re: Add DRM,Re: Lessons not visible,Re: create app in citrine template,Re: Quiz missing,Re: e-learning mobile app citrine template not coming properly,Re: hsl link,Re: Need drop downs on header,Re: Unable to edit the title in the top banner,Re: Need a separate tab for web series,Re: Edit about us page,Re: Bottom of cards inconsistent,Re: Add SSL to my domain,Re: I want to use the Phoenix Template (Mobile App), but all I get is the Final Playground template!,Re: Cannot upload photo & save to Profile!,Re: Video resolution,Re: Enable DRM Encoding Profile on Existing Content,Re: image library not accessible while creating content,Re: Code snippet implementation,Re: Live Stops,Re: Need the Option to Rearrange Tabs in App,Re: Task bar and seek bar changes,Re: Enable resolution toggle ,Re: Independent sliders for each category page,Re: CSS/Visual Issues,Re: Resume Watch feature missing,Re: Convert the website to Android tv app.,Re: Display the data in the metadata field.,Re: Pending issues follow up,Re: Need option to edit the other sections of the app,Re: option to customize the TV template,Re: live stream fail Again ,Re: Change default banner/poster resolution,Re: I CAN\'T DOWNLOAD THE IOS SDK.,Re: asap AGAIN PROBLEM ,Re: - Movies not playing ,Re: All videos do not play on iPad\'s,Re: Mobile browser menu does not work,Re: Can\'t log into site,Re: trying to establish a test stream,Re: Employee Cannot Access: (Medellin, Columbia),Re: How to do test gateway for a payment,Re: Add Disclaimer on Dubbing,Re: Changes in publish Later Timings ,Re: Certifcation status,Re: Enable login,Re: Password Reset,Re: About us section on mob browser ,Re: Move Join now button,Re: Credit Card/Stripe Cards Declined,Re: Blank visual designer,Re: Unable to add new content,Re: Video Feed seek bar and controls,Re: IOS app slider image size,Re: Move episodes into latest video carousel on home page,Re: Remove ability to download videos,Re: Splashscreen logo squashed,Re: Video durations missing,Re: Titles on top of episode images,Re: Expert name & title on expert image,Re: View all,Re: Payments Not Working,Re: Loading images from asset library into web page dynamically in multiples,Re: Change login and signup option to Mobile number,Re: BASQUET,Re: Videos only appearing in certain countries,Re: Muvi Test,Re: Display ad Vast Tag -Pre and Mid roll,Re: Inserting of Vast tags and VMAP-,Re: Topic videos title bar,Re: Change Watch Trailer to About Me,Re: FTP location for Photos/Images,Re: Adjustments to Social Share Buttons on Website,Re: Story / Description formatting help,Re: Formatting and Layout Adjustments on Various Pages,Re: Banner at top,Re: Setups Needed on Thanthi Website,Re: User settings sign up,Re: Re-add code snippets for Saxty Network privacy policy, and terms of use,Re: Watch trailer delay,Re: New SSL Cert (Changed Domain),Re: Featured Sections - audio order,Re: DRM (prevent screen recording) for Live,Re: Citrine Template - Video Player does not allow me to comment/review,Re: Imagery when sharing messages,Re: Redirect Issues,Re: Update Contact Email on Contact-Us Page,Re: Video in Content Library - Decoding Error,Re: Pop Up Warning on site,Re: Allow free content watch without login,Re: Ethernet is not recognized by the app,Re: Video Corruption,Re: Test Ticket by muvi Please ignore Test Ticket by tattle team,Re: Test Ticket by muvi Please ignore Test Ticket by tattle team(subadmin),Re: Back to Signup,Re: Cookies,Re: Banner warping issues,Re: Please change Login/Signup option to Mobile,Re: password reset link issues,Re: Test Ticket by muvi Please ignore Test Ticket by tattle team(from HC-Multiprod),Re: Test Ticket by muvi Please ignore Test Ticket by tattle team(from HC-Multiprod),Re: URGENT - unable to edit app banners again.,Re: Captions in the center of the screen,Re: Changin video from a playlist,") and post_status="published"