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Feature Request: Tracking User Clicks on Prescription Playlists Without Video Playback

May 13, 2024 07:32 AM

Dear support,

We need a way to accurately track and report every instance when a user clicks on a prescription playlist. This tracking should occur regardless of whether the user proceeds to play any videos within the playlist. This data is vital for our analytics and strategic planning, as it will help us gauge interest in specific content and adjust our strategies accordingly.

We want it to be an API with input user_uuid only, then we can have the return value with playlist name, date, click timestamp in past 7/30/90 days.
Here is an example:
“categories”: [
“series”: [
“name”: “Form Check 05.10.24 Susan Squires”,
“data”: [
“2024-05-07”, (date)
“515947f5d23a406fb2fc1452572ef3e0”, (playlist uuid)
1, (click count)
…(more data)
“code”: 200,
“status”: “SUCCESS”,
“message”: “Graph data loaded Successfully.”


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