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Formatting and Layout Adjustments on Various Pages

February 19, 2024 23:44 PM


I’m encountering an issue where text appears correctly formatted while drafting a ticket, but becomes distorted once published. For better clarity and to facilitate reading, I’m attaching a photo of this ticket and providing a link to a video where I further explain the adjustments needed.

# Adjustments on About-Us Page:
– Remove the ‘pointer’ cursor that’s default across the entire page when nothing is clickable.
– Add extra space above the CTA button, to match the spacing before the paragraph above it.

# Adjustments on Cast-Details Page:
– Add space before the “Videos” title in mobile view; it’s too close to the title currently. Match the spacing to that below the title.
– Text still overflows from the actor’s box on desktop views, despite previous adjustments.

# Cookie Banner Adjustment:
– Change the “Dismiss” button’s text color to white on the cookie banner (“Dispensar” in Portuguese).

For a detailed walkthrough of these points, please refer to the attached video link:

Cast details link used on the video:

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

Best regards,

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