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Colin Aston James

Issues with Android and iOS apps

April 08, 2024 06:37 AM

The sleep sounds on the Android app are not playing. They are playing on the iOS app.
The app icon for the Android APK should be the same as the iOS app’s.
The Android app stops playing when the screen goes blank; the iOS app continues to play until the end of the program.
Please loop the alarms until they are stopped or for 60 minutes. Currently, they play once and then stop.
Remove the SleepHub Anywhere text and the green tick from the ‘My Sleep Mode Page’.
On both apps: On the sounds controls screen, when pressing the speaker icon at the bottom of the sliders, the chosen soundscape, Sleep Sounds, and Alarms should play so that the volumes can be balanced.
The bottom tabs are missing on the Android ‘Forgot Password Page’. These tabs should be visible on all pages. They are on the iOS app. It could be the phone I am using pushing these tabs off the screen.

Kind regards
Colin Aston-James

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