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Robert Carbone

URGENT: Encoding Error & ensure we are building the frontend correctly

March 22, 2024 06:21 AM

So we are attempting to build a site all evening for a presentation tomorrow and have a few issues. We built the site out once, and ran into some problems with citrine template (probably b/c it a learning template) – Now we changed it back to emrald and have to rebuild everything…
(probably a namespace mismatch) – any sanity check there would be helpful.

The first error is an encoding error that has popped up on our full length movie: SkyDog.

The movie plays on our computer,
it plays on the backend just fine.
But when it is placed on the website. It does not play.

The front end would not accept the .MOV file.
I am not sure what format. Muvi used to encode it
So we went ahead re-encoded it and transacted it
to MP4 (using the& H.26 codec)

As I write this ticket, we are attempting to reupload it and re-encode it.

Help would be appreciated. We have a meeting tomorrow with investors to sell them on the platform and these minor hiccups notwithstanding, we like you guys.

We’ll be awake until we find a solution. 2am here.
Urgent attention much appreciated

Thank you,

Johnathan & Rob
CT Team

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