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Sreela P Mani

Urgent Security Breach: Immediate Assistance Required

April 10, 2024 20:35 PM

We regret to inform you that our website and CMS have experienced a major **security breach**. This marks the **second occurrence in just 3 days** where our content was inexplicably removed from the website. Upon investigating the Content Management menu, we discovered that all our previously published content had vanished without any notification or authorization.

Three days ago, a similar incident occurred when one of our contents was removed without our knowledge. We promptly republished the video through the CMS. However, last night, all our painstakingly created content suffered the same fate once again. This situation is unequivocally a **security breach**.

Our decision to choose Muvi came after a year of thorough research and extensive discussions. We held high expectations for Muvi, but this incident has left us disheartened. Never did we anticipate such a significant security breach would occur with Muvi. It’s worth noting that we haven’t even completed a full month since starting our professional plan with Muvi OTT.

Adding to our concerns, last Monday, a hacker contacted our Muvi-registered admin mobile number, revealing that the number was exposed on the platform. The very next day, another content piece vanished from the platform, and last night, all our contents suffered the same fate.

This critical situation demands **immediate assistance**. We urgently request that Muvi enhance our platform’s security to prevent further breaches. Our trust in Muvi’s capabilities is at stake, and we hope for swift resolution and increased security measures.

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