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Urgent: Website Cache Issue Causing Operational Disruption and Financial Loss

May 13, 2024 07:19 AM

Dear Support

I am writing to urgently address a critical issue with your website’s caching behavior. We have observed that updates to the website do not reflect on user browsers unless the cache is manually cleared. This problem has resulted in significant operational disruptions and has incurred financial costs for our company.


Issue: Website updates are not visible without manual cache clearing.
Browser(s) Used: Chrome
Frequency: Every time the website is updated.
Troubleshooting Done: Confirmed that after clearing cache, the updates appear.
This seems like a potential issue with how the website’s cache policy is managed, possibly requiring adjustments to the cache-control headers sent from your server.

Could you please investigate this issue to ensure that updates are visible immediately without the need for manual cache clearing?

Please let us know how soon we can expect a resolution or an update on this issue. Your prompt response and action will be greatly appreciated as it directly affects our service delivery and customer satisfaction.


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