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Jason Njoku

Web app - General Issues that needs to be resolved

December 22, 2023 11:11 AM

the App template manager isn’t mirroring what we see on the app and we can’t make changes.
the banner at the top of the app homepage (once we’re able to edit the app template)  should be able to link to any movies/tv series featured on it
There’s an error message every time an edit is attempted in the Featured Sections. The only section seemingly still working are those that are updated automatically.
Can we get some sections to update whenever a movie is updated with genre metadata (e.g. movie tagged as Romantic Drama automatically added to the Romantic Drama section on the homepage)
Can we also get the Trending section on the homepage to update with data from the Trending Content data on the homepage? So far, I’ve been  having to change those manually.
Only five episodes of a TV series season are visible at a time on the website, with no option to view all. There is no clear way to watch episodes after 5 from the series page.

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