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contentList API with using user_uuid and content_search_tag to search is not working now!

April 15, 2024 23:03 PM

Dear Support,

We just found that the API we were using for a long time to get playlists of a user is not working right now.

The API detail is as below:

type: POST
“query”: “{ contentList(user_uuid:\”8b87651b92aa411d9ea8214164e92e46\”,user_type:\”:user_type\”,caller:\”CMS\”,app_token:\”:app_token\”,product_key:\”:product_key\”,store_key:\”:store_key\”,page: 1,per_page: 50,is_playlist:1,content_search_tag:\”Starrrt Medical Group\”, only_parent:true){page_info{total_count} content_list{content_uuid content_name}}}”

And you can see the result below.
“status”: “FAILED”,
“code”: 205,
“message”: “No data associated with respective product key and app token”

Without this API working, we are not able to assign prescriptions to the users! Please fix this as soon as possible!

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